First world problems

I always feel nervous before posting a question on Stack-Exchange and I wonder if they eat me alive because I’m asking something obvious or haven’t done enough research.

[EDIT] And then this happens:


Hello adventure

Kiedy twój telefon właśnie się rozładował podczas podróży według GPSa, kiedy jesteś w nieznanym miejscu, 20km od domu, pomiędzy skałami i lasami, półtorej godziny przed zmrokiem i twój rower nie ma świateł, tylko wtedy baton proteinowy z Biedronki smakuje nawet całkiem dobrze.

The Water

All that I have is a river
The river is always my home

Chaque matin


To my Dream of Flight

In thinking about my life, I arrived at some
ideas about what was necessary for a fruitful

First, you become involved in projects that
you can put your heart into. They seem
important. What happens, the outcome of your
efforts, must make a difference to you.

Second, the outcome must have, directly or
indirectly, a wanted effect not only on you but
on something outside you, on other people or
on science or on a ranch or on a business.

Third, your project must involve some effort in
doing, and especially in learning and

Fourth, you have to really commit yourself by
being willing to stand for something and
represent the kind of person to yourself and to
others that is not inconsistent with what you
are involved in. In this sense, taking something
seriously often means that one is conscious of
acting a role.

~ Frank Oppenheimer

I believe that only music can describe the magnificence of life.

N’oubliez jamais.

Someday soon someone’s smile will haunt you.

The awkward law of studying #12

There’s never too much coffee when you’re working on linear algebra.

Pictures from Earth

If Google Maps Camera Car managed to take a picture of every place in the whole Universe, the average picture would probably look like this:


It kind of amazes me how lucky we are to see things like this:


Dustin Etheridge

on a daily basis, given how remarkably rare such views are in the whole Universe…

Flutter checklist


The fascinating story of direction fields

The fascinating thing about direction fields of differential equations is that they resemble looking at a painting through a hole in a needle. You can see each portion of the painting very well, you can see the colours, maybe the texture; you can even be able to extrapolate the nearby frames into one piece, but you can never get the final complete impression of what the painting looks like.


Direction field of a function y' = y + t drawn by Matlab script dfield7.

The Grand Pepper Shaker Mystery

So we have this pepper shaker made of glass with a print on it.


One fine dinner, it ran out of pepper, so I opened the lid to fill it in and noticed a peculiar thing – small particles of pepper dust were stuck to the inside glass walls but only in places, where the print wasn’t present on the other side. Everywhere directly behing the print, the pepper particles almost didn’t stick to the glass.

(These photos also show vertical traces from a spoon, which are not relevant, I hope you’ll see the phenomenon anyway.)




I’ve been wondering about this for a while and been thinking whether it’s got to do with light, or light and humidity, or electric charge… But as for now, I don’t have the final answer, so I’ve decided to ask the Internet.

The awkward law of studying #11

Zdobywanie wiedzy jest jak paradoks hotelu Hilberta. Rzeczy do nauki w porównaniu do czasu naszego życia jest praktycznie nieskończenie wiele. Ponieważ człowiek i tak nie nauczy się wszystkiego w ciągu swojego życia, nie ma znaczenia czy zagram w czołgi teraz czy po sesji.

Współczynnik korelacji pulsacji ciśnienia

Współczynnik korelacji pulsacji ciśnienia R(\frac{r}{d}) – ocenia oddziaływania na wzbudzenie wirowe ruchu drgającego walca ustawionego w przepływie.

Współczynnik rośnie gdy zwiększa się amplituda drgań.

Współczynnik maleje gdy zwiększa się turbulencja przepływu.


Moja podróż przez Pythona

Moja dotychczasowa podróż przez Pythona wykonana w CodeSkulptorze z użyciem biblioteki SimpleGUI. Większość projektów wykonałam podczas epickiego kursu An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python.

1. We want a shrubbery!

2. Clinic.

3. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

4. Carpenter function.

5. Mystical octosphere.

6. Guess the number.

7. Ball physics.

8. Pong.

9. Is in the list test.

10. Simple timer.

11. Simple stopwatch.

12. Stopwatch: The Game.
(Zatrzymanie stopera na pełnej sekundzie dodaje punkt.)

13. Relative motion of planets.

14. My first Python Solar System!

15. Planets motion with revolution counter.

16. Single planet.

17. Parameters of circular motion.
(Może być dostosowany by rysować i obliczać wektory przyspieszenia i prędkości w ruchu po okręgu)

18. Simple canvas printer.

19. Atmospheric temperature, pressure and air density calculator.

20. Simple gravity simulator.

21. Random word generator.

22. Pig Latin translator.

The awkward law of studying #10

Niebezpiecznie jest mieć dobry pomysł w środku nocy.